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I’m a graphic designer and writer based in Buffalo, NY with a passion for digital strategy.


My goal is to work with individuals, small brands, and non-profits to build a digital strategy that gets your message and vision to your community in the best way possible.

Check out my design, read more about my services and Squarespace design packages, or read about me.

**Rates for BIPOC queer, trans, intersex & disabled folx are on a sliding scale basis. Please don’t hesitate to contact me for services even if you can’t pay!




Collaboration & care

My process and collaboration aims to work against ableist and capitalistic ideas of productivity and scarcity. I’m not interested in rigid distinctions between you as a client and myself as an expert.

I value the knowledge that we both bring to the table and want to help you translate your values and beliefs into a visual medium.

Bold and simple messaging

My approach to both graphic design and digital strategy favors messaging that is bold and simple.

I don’t believe in visual clutter or stuffing your site with SEO buzzwords and unnecessary language that confuses your audience.

Identity based design & practice

I bring my full self to my design practice from the moment of consultation to handing off your project.

My identities inform the way I problem solve, my workflow, and the value I assign my work.

I want to work with clients that want to work with me because of who I am.

Problem solving and content first

Good design is always about solving problems first, not aesthetics.

Creating valuable content and presenting it clearly will always create more meaningful solutions than emphasizing aesthetics.



Read more about the specific services I offer. Got an idea that’s not listed? Send me a message.



  • Social media packages

  • Posters and flyers

  • Resumes

  • Business cards

  • Website design

  • UX/UI App design


Writing & editing

  • Creative writing

  • Blogging and guest blogging

  • Content writing

  • Social media posting

  • Academic essay writing

  • Cover letters and resume writing

  • Editing for ESL students



  • Trans 101 for organizations

  • Visionary Fiction for Survivors

  • Creating safe work environments for organizations and non-profits

  • Comics are for everyone

  • Compassionate creative writing workshops

  • Private English/Language Arts tutoring for youth

Squarespace Design

The benefits of choosing Squarespace and working with me.


Exclusive perks

I’m a Squarespace Circle member. That means you get a 20% discount on your first annual payment.

You also get a six month trial period for your site, so you don’t need to pay for web hosting until you’re ready.

Beautiful design

Squarespace ships with a variety of beautiful, customizable templates for you to choose from. I help you pick a template that best suits the needs of your brand and customize it so your site stands out.

Squarespace templates are mobile friendly, making it easy to design a site that looks great on all screen sizes.

I prioritize accessible design that puts your content first and provides an easy to navigate site for everyone.

Technical stuff

Squarespace offers simple SEO (search engine optimization) so you’re showing up on Google.

Clear analytics lets you check how your site is performing over time. Fantastic support through either webinars, a detailed help library, or customer support.

If you need help after your site is handed off, I also offer services to provide you with continual support and updates.


Selected design work 

Check out my design work and learn about working with me.

What people say


“Kyem is a passionate and innovative person, and these characteristics translate to Kyem’s design skills.”

— Liam


“Kyem showed generosity to other black and brown tran folx they had just met. That ensured in me that they understood what community means. I believe that is all that needs to be said while we live in a world that promotes individualism while fighting for the rights of marginalized communities ”

— A two-spirit


About me

I’m a Black, queer, trans, non-binary designer & writer. I live in Buffalo, NY with my best friend, a cream tabby named Chance.

I started the project Comic Salad to offer a safe community and accessible employment to queer, trans, intersex, and two-spirit comic fans of color.

I am a commitment to being in service to my community, and I honor our resiliency and survival.


Send me a message

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